Now typing practice is also fun with TypingGo

How To
It is a good guide to know before practicing with TypingGo.


TypingGo ( lets you practice typing with an advanced curriculum that does away with the way you need to practice.

Typing is not done by memorizing, but by hand. In other words, it is made into habit.
So if you invest your time and effort consistently every day, you can master the batter within a month.

It is often difficult to tell the actual typing masters the key value in order.
This is the first time you try to memorize key values ​​with your head, but if you get used to the actual keyboard, you forget what you have memorized in your head and your fingers will automatically go.
Those who strive for some typing will agree with you.

Now ... and the future will be getting longer in front of the computer.
When you master typing, it will be fun to put your hands on the keyboard and the computer will be your great friend / helper.

It will become a fun thing to be troublesome typing through the typing teacher.

One month of effort ... Start happy today and start right now ^ ^