Now typing practice is also fun with TypingGo

How To
It is a good guide to know before practicing with TypingGo.

How to pratice

0. Keep in mind! Keep in mind! - steady practice

The royal road to learning the keyboard is a steady practice.
Your typing is getting used to your fingers, not just your head.
TypingGo offers a variety of training methods to ensure a steady practice.

1. Type without looking at the keyboard.

At first you are forced to type and watch the keyboard. Typing while watching the keyboard does not increase your skills.
In TypingGo, you do not need to look at the keyboard as it shows your finger tips and key positions on the screen through the [key go] process.
This process makes it a habit to not see and play the keyboard.
You can also hide your finger tips and key positions as needed to practice.

2. Remember your key with your fingers through repeated practice.

At first I try to memorize the keyboard layout as head.
But in the end, it's not in your head, it's your finger position.
When you get used to it, your fingers will move to the correct location without knowing it, even though you have different thoughts.
When you think about your position in your head, it hurts your head.
It's a rather tedious process, but you can practice it over and over again.
If you pass this process, your finger will be automatically typing.
TypingGo steps you through a number of iterations depending on your goal to reduce boredom.
The step-by-step learning method will increase your willingness and efficiency.

3. Practice every little bit every day.

In order for a person to become accustomed to certain habits, it is important to practice daily rather than to drive a lot.
The keyboard is used for 30 minutes to 1 hour a day.
TypingGo reduces the boredom of repeated exercises because you can practice by changing the target value or level you want.

4. Once you are accustomed to your finger position, practice exercising exactly through your sentence.

Once you get used to your fingers, familiarize yourself with real words and sentences.
First of all, it is important to have a habit of playing calmly and accurately rather than speedily.
If you continue practicing through actual sentences, the speed will naturally become faster.
TypingGo allows you to practice real sentences through the [Practice Sentence] menu.
It also allows you to check the speed and accuracy, which will stimulate interest and learning.

5. Sometimes, typing game practice is also very helpful.

If you become bored, you will improve your skills without knowing yourself when you play a batter game.
TypingGo offers a variety of typing games

6. Practice more steadily by raising your target to get more typing speed.

After a month of practice, you will not see the keyboard and you will not be overwhelming.
Practice a little more while focusing on accuracy with the right attitude and speeding up.
The keyboard will be the easiest computer input method.
TypingGo also offers training methods to help you get more speed in the middle and above.
From the menu, you will be able to use the [Special Practice] to help you enter the corps.