Now typing practice is also fun with TypingGo

How To
It is a good guide to know before practicing with TypingGo.

Posture and hand

▒ Typing posture

  1. Ensure that the center of your body is at the keyboard center (between the F and J keys).
  2. Attach your hips to the back of your chair and tilt your body slightly forward.
  3. Ensure that the top of the monitor is about the height of your eye.
  4. The feet sit on the ground with their soles touching the ground and the knees bent 90 degrees.
  5. Make sure that the elbows on the shoulders are almost perpendicular to the ground and the wrists to the elbows are level with the ground.
  6. Remove your wrist from your keyboard or desk and keep your back and cuff straight and level with the keyboard.
  7. Finger naturally tilted so that it is perpendicular to the keyboard.

▒ Fingers position

  1. Always put both hands in the primary position (the [F], [J] keys with the index finger).
  2. After hitting the up or down key, return to the default position.
  3. Typing is a bit of a knock rather than a key press.

The screen below shows the layout of the keyboard and the default location of your finger.

Hover your mouse over the key to show the finger's position.

Move the mouse over the keyboard.